AbbVie Brand BTS Manager & Data Protection Liaison in Wavre, Belgium

Brand BTS Manager & Data Protection Liaison

Belgium, Walloon Brabant, Wavre

Information Technology

Requisition #1802293

AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company formed in 2013 following separation from Abbott. AbbVie combines the focus and passion of a leading-edge biotech with the expertise and capabilities of a long-established pharmaceutical leader to develop and market advanced therapies that address some of the world’s most complex and serious diseases. In 2013, AbbVie will employ approximately 28,000 people worldwide and markets medicines in more than 170 countries.

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The Brand BTS Manager role is the link between Business Technology Solutions (BTS) and the Brand Teams. They are responsible for helping Brand Teams maximize the value they can realize from technology, creating value-adding digital ecosystems using both bespoke and common platforms.

A Brand BTS Manager must have excellent communication skills and be able to devise and implement strategies to benefit their Brand Teams. They will play an active role in the planning and direction of technology implementation alongside the business. They take overall charge of the Brand Team relationship with the BTS team(s) and play an essential communication role, delivering projects and monitoring their progress.

The main point of BTS contact for Brand Teams, they have the job of establishing and building relationships and must work at gaining a thorough understanding of the Brand Team’s business and the competitive landscape it operates in.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • The Data Protection Liaison role does not need to be a Legal expert, but an active interest in the area of privacy and data protection and the developing landscape around the use and control of personal data will benefit the candidate. Given the interconnection of privacy and data protection with IT some experience with IT compliance and/or IT security is desirable. The DPL will be expected to be a point of contact during the development of new systems to ensure that all data protection measures, such as data access controls and data retention/deletion requirements are implemented and documented. This in conformity with local Legal requirements, the Regional Data Protection Officer and the Global Legal Privacy team.

Primary Function

The Brand BTS manager role

  • Give the Brand Teams high-quality advice on the use of technology

  • Be recognized as the go-to person for technology advice within the brand team

  • Responsible for sharing best practice into the local affiliate and regionally

  • Identify opportunities for reuse

  • Generate projects based on knowledge of business strategy – play a full and integrated role in the strategic and tactical planning process within the brand team

  • Be able to speak confidently on all matters relating to a brand teams goals and strategy – even on those areas that do not have a technical component

  • Take a leading role in business technology projects, acting as a proxy for the business owner and defining the requirements in line with strategy

  • Sell the value and benefits of BTS

  • Work with external partners and customers to advise on the use of technology within their organisations.The DPL role

  • The DPL will be active in mapping where all personal data in the affiliate currently resides, how these data are used, where they are stored, which service providers have access to them, etc.

  • The DPL will ensure that there is a strong and consistent process for assessing new systems brought into the affiliate. They will need to educate the affiliate on the individual responsibilities concerning data, and ensure that they include the DPL in discussions when a new system, tool or business process that involves personal data is being discussed.

  • The DPL will be a point of contact within the affiliate for any queries in regard to privacy and data protection.

  • The DPL will also be a first point of contact for any data queries coming from external parties.

  • Queries from data protection authorities (DPAs) – the DPL will be the local point of contact to deal with questions and inquiries from DPAs, in close coordination with the regional DPO and the Global Legal Privacy team. The DPL will assist in rolling out in implementing new privacy and data protection related templates, procedures, policies, guidance and training from Global or WEC/EEMEA.

  • The DPL will be local point of contact for any incidents involving personal data, such as data breaches.

Core Job Responsibilities:

The Brand BTS manager role

  • Work with other Brand BTS Managers to maximise the use of technology across WEC and within affiliates.

  • Create opportunities for the use of technology

  • Be a business partner to the Brand Teams

  • Be able to speak confidently on non-technology matters

  • Create network of influence within global, regional, and affiliate teams.

  • Establish and maintain high-quality relationships with all levels across the company and with external partners.

  • Work closely with the BTS Manager within the affiliate to ensure that all programs are in line with digital WEC strategy.

  • Ensure that relationships with external parties are managed effectively and constructively, with the appropriate contractual considerations in place for AbbVie’s benefit.

  • Understand the external technical environment, and become an expert in understanding how this affects AbbVie at an affiliate level.

  • Promote and share solutions both internally within BTS, across affiliates, but also with Brand Teams.

  • Communicate project progress by producing project reports to provide timely and accurate project status and decision support information to Brand Teams as required.

  • Manage project progress through clear decision-making with and on behalf of the Business Owner. Makes recommendations based on current project status to resolve issues.

  • Ensure that the complexity of technology solutions are understood by the Centres of Excellence and are documented to the required level of detail such that business can sign off the requirements and the development teams will be able to deliver the required solutions.

  • Assess the degree to which changes to scope, issues and risks will affect projects working with Centres of Excellence and the Brand Teams to gain agreement for resolution.

  • Manages change and encourages innovation. Open to new ideas.

  • Understands business vision, goals and strategies to ensure that all technical strategies and goals are defined and aligned with the business goals.

  • Works with external customers to help define technical solutions that are aligned with their vision and goals.The DPL role

  • The DPL will be the primary point of contact locally for any privacy related questions at the affiliate level.

  • The DPL will escalate any issues as appropriate to the Regional DPO and/or the European Regional Privacy Counsel.

  • The DPL will assist in mandatory Personal Data Assessments for local projects.

  • The DPL will monitor data flows and maintain records in coordination with local functions as required.

  • The DPL will be the point of contact for any global or regional privacy project that require local implementation of privacy projects at the affiliate level.

  • The DPL will raise local privacy awareness through training and communication.

  • The DPL will provide assistance with managing any data breaches originating in or having an impact on the local affiliate.

  • The DPL will support any affiliate privacy audits.

  • The DPL will provide support to the Regional DPO for any other privacy related matters, such as data breaches and privacy impact assessments.


  • Understand emerging technology and digital strategies within WEC, and understand how they will impact affiliate business strategies, as well as existing systems and procedures. Champion these WEC strategies where appropriate.

  • Work with Global, WEC and affiliate technical leads (CoEs) to recommend and implement technology and digital strategies within the affiliate brand teams.

  • Define, brief, initiate and oversee the delivery of technology projects at an affiliate level.

  • Ensure that projects are integrated solutions, re-using existing technology where ever possible, and fulfil their functional business requirements, as signed off by the business partners.

  • Will ensure that affiliate is in conformity with the General Data protection regulation.

  • Will ensure that all IT and Digital projects are compliant with local regulatory frameworks and legal requirements.

Decision Making Authority:

  • Make decisions that impact BTS and/or Brand Team activities; Influence and/or make final decisions for project level and/or department budget and activities.

  • Authority to determine the best course of action to address customer needs within technical projects or day-to-day technology matters.

  • Authority to ensure that the affiliate is compliant with GDPR and the different regulations linked to IT and digital systems.


  • The digital and technology landscape including mobile, ux, web design, web build, mobile, marketing and social media.

  • Digital best practices and the impact that these have on AbbVie strategy

  • Building business cases for all projects

  • Successfully managing technology projects

  • Managing and developing website Technical Structure, Design & Aesthetics, Content, Navigation, Information Architecture, Branding/Marketing, Performance, and Functionality efforts to positively impact business efforts

  • At least 5 years’ experience working in the digital and/or technology space

  • Ability to specify technical changes to technical/development teams

  • An understanding of search engines, search engine optimization and search engine marketing

  • Experience with web analytics tools

  • Experience with Content Management Systems

  • Ability to compile and analyze search data and metrics and feedback clearly to Brand Team members

  • Ability to work independently and within a team environment

  • Strong independent decision-making, organizational, planning and problem-solving skills

  • Experience in creating and scoping software solutions

  • Understanding of, or preferably experience of running, digital marketing projects

  • Understanding of, or preferably experience of creating, digital strategies (both communications and platforms)

  • Understanding of, or preferably experience in the Healthcare sector

  • Understanding of, or preferably experience with GDPR and working in an Highly regulated environment

Knowledge / Education Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology/Computer Science, or equivalent experience, preferably in business or a closely related discipline.

  • Second Belgian language preferable & English mandatory

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled